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Winter-Spring Schedule 2018

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to advance quickly or focus on specific techniques and details for one or more specific dances. The individualized attention improves your abilities at a faster rate and will help you get closer to your goals.  At Dance on Air, we can tailor your lessons to fit specifically what you want to.  You won’t need to go through a program with stringent rules and procedures in order to learn the dances and styles that best suit you.

Private Lessons are also perfect for…

  • Private Lessons are perfect for the engaged couple who would like exceptional choreography to their own special song for their first wedding dance. (If you do not have a song already chosen, we can help you pick from a varietyof the most popular wedding songs.)
  • Private Lessons are also ideal for the father-daughter dance or mother-son dance to be played at the wedding. You could even combine a large group of your friends and/or family members and have a dance party together.
  • Private Lessons are a must for anyone who wants to do competitions, showcases and other events.
Most people don’t know the great benefits of dancing. Many students lose weight as well as gain muscle tone and flexibility. Dancing has also been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, help prevent Alzheimer’s, and improve confidence. We encourage you to learn how to dance and gain these amazing benefits as a long-term enjoyable activity.