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Winter-Spring Schedule 2018

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“A sincere thank you from me and Jim for all your help in preparation for our first dance.  It was a hit and we were pretty proud! The father-daughter dance was also a ton of fun and received a standing ovation! Your patience and direction helped us tremendously!  You have a real talent for dance and teaching and we’re so glad we had your help.  We will definitely recommend Dance On Air to all of our friends!–Kate and Jim


“Thank you so much for the dance lessons for our first dance to “Beyond the Sea” at our wedding on April 18. We really enjoyed your teaching style and felt very comfortable learning from you. The foxtrot and the steps we learned were all very new to both Jason and me. We had a lot of fun in the whole process of the lessons and practicing on our own in the months leading up to our wedding. We enjoyed building confidence in performing a dance that was a bit more involved that we originally thought we would do! It ended up being quite a hit with our guests and we really enjoyed doing it! People are still talking about it; they were impressed!–Claire and Jason


“Our wedding was amazing, and our first dance had the crowd standing, hooting and hollering.  We are so glad we took lessons with you.  You really made learning a dance fun.–Amy and Don


“It was awesome!!! It was far from flawless but very real and one of the biggest highlights of the day!! We shocked everyone and they were talking about it for days!! Actually, they probably still are!  I’m very grateful to have planned it that way and I really appreciate all you did to help us make a very lasting impression!! Michael really really had them stunned!!! It was great fun and I’m wishing it weren’t over:( One of the best memories ever!Sue


“Thank you so much for all that you did to help us prepare for our first dance. Everyone loved it! We got a standing ovation, and they wanted an encore!–Nate & Heather


“Thank you for sending us forth into our marriage on the ‘right foot’. We enjoyed our dance lessons very much. Our routine was personal and looking back it just perfectly reflects “us”. Thanks for teaching us the foxtrot, thank you more for teaching us the art of ‘dancing together”. We’ll take the lessons learned further than the dance floor. Thank you for your time, service to couples like us, and personal care for our first dance.” –Jilli & Jay


“I just wanted to let you know again how much we appreciated and enjoyed our class with you, and how special it was to be able to perform that dance at our wedding with our friends and family. It was a big hit, and we had so much fun doing it.”–Julia and Joef


“Thank you very much for the dance lessons you guys gave us for our wedding this summer. Our first dance was beautiful and everybody was complimenting us how professional we looked. We couldn’t have done it without your guys’ guidance and patience, especially with the Polish song. Thank you from our heart.” –Joanne and Maciek


People keep talking about the dance and we continue to dance it frequently. It was truly a highlight of the day.” –Laura and James


“Everyone LOVED our first dance! When we started out everyone was talking amongst themselves thinking we’d be doing some boring dance. But then everyone got quiet and were watching and cheering and clapping! Everyone raved about it, and we did well. Thanks!” –Jana and Simon

“Dan and Andrea had a fantastic wedding and reception. We had so many people tell us it was the most fun they have ever had at a wedding. Although none of us are very good dancers, we had a good laugh when the photographer told us it was the best dancing they had ever seen by a wedding party! You should have seen Dan. The one that really did not want to take dance lessons was dancing all night long, twirling women and having the best time on the dance floor. I believe there were a few tears by people watching Bruce and Andrea dance together and Dan and his mother. They all looked great. Bruce and I also enjoyed dancing to Volare” –Lisa Johnson


“We had so much fun with you guys choreographing our wedding dance! Making our first dance so special was completely worth the cost and effort. We got so many compliments on it along with our choice of song. Even now we enjoy watching the dance on video because it’s so beautiful. Thanks so much for your creativity, time, & patience. We couldn’t have done it without you!” –Sara and Craig Schnuelle


“Thank you so much for the dance lessons. We had a lot of fun during them and received many compliments on our first dance! Thank you!—Megan & Pete


“Thank you very much for all your help with our wedding dance. We received tons of compliments on it, and used all of the other dances we learned on our honeymoon. Thank you again!” –Jessica and Reed


“We just wanted to thank you again for the dance lessons you gave us before our wedding. All of our guests were surprised and impressed with our first dance!” –Chris and Amy Byrnes